THE ROY G. POST FOUNDATION is a charitable trust dedicated to the education for the safe management of nuclear materials, honoring Dr. Roy G. Post and his substantial contributions in the field. 

Funds generated from your support to the RGPF will provide educational scholarships for students throughout the world pursuing an education in nuclear radwaste management and provides assistance for students to participate in the annual WM Conference.

The Roy G. Post Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit foundation and donations are tax deductible.

DIFFERENT WAYS TO SUPPORT  the Roy G. Post Foundation :
Become a Golf Sponsor
Sponsorships give your company valuable visibility throughout the round and are recognized with extremely attractive appreciation plaques at the award ceremony.

Please go to the Sponsorship page if you're interested in becoming a sponsor for the Golf Tournament.

Fund Donation
Post Foundation Champions’ Challenge
The Waste Management Symposia completed its most highly attended conference at WM2019 and we have set a goal to double our contribution to university scholarships and STEM education.

We’ve created the Post Foundation Champions’ Challenge to achieve this goal, allowing individuals and corporations to contribute to the Roy G. Post Foundation. You can help us make a great impact by donating as little as $250.

Thank you for your contribution to our Champions' Challenge: Atkins, theEdge, ETEBA, HukariAscendent, Christine Gelles, Keller Staley, Martin Schneider, Merrick & Co., Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Wagstaff.

Longenecker Challenge
John and Bonnie Longenecker of Longenecker & Associates – a longtime and generous sponsor of the RGPF - have pledged to contribute $250,000 over the next 10 years to the program. Their vision is to challenge the nuclear leadership interested in giving back to an industry which has been a big part of their lives and to pledge support for the next generation of bright young minds.

To achieve our commitment to double the contribution to our scholarship program and STEM education, we are encouraging individuals and corporations to make long term contributions to the RGPF as John & Bonnie Longenecker have done.

Thank you for your contribution to our Longenecker Challenge: John & Bonnie Longenecker, N3B.T

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One-Time Donation
Click the button below to make a one-time donation to the Foundation.


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