2022 Roy G. Post Foundation Scholarship

• Full-time students currently enrolled in secondary educational programs pursuing degrees related to the nuclear life cycle;
• Students who have not received a Roy Post scholarship either as an undergraduate or a graduate student.

Scholarship Application Deadline
Application, reference forms, and reference letters must be received by November 1, 2021.

All forms and supporting documentation, including two (2) letters of reference, must be submitted by the deadline. Failure to do so, will automatically disqualify the applicant.


$5,000 - Undergraduate Students
$5,000 - Graduate Students

WM Symposia will provide Roy G. Post Scholarship winners the following: conference registration, hotel accommodations and travel reimbursement*.

Please note, scholarship recipients are expected to attend the entire conference and are required to attend the Tuesday Honors & Awards Luncheon to receive their scholarships.

Recipients unable to attend the conference, either in whole or in part, must confirm arrangements with WM Symposia.
* Please refer to the Housing and Travel Reimbursement section in the Student Guidelines.

Winners will be informed of their award one (1) month after the application deadline. Recipients may invite a maximum of two (2) guests to attend the Honors & Awards Luncheon free of charge. Additional guest(s) must purchase luncheon tickets at their own expense.

Conference registration is not necessary for guests to attend the Honors and Awards luncheon and WM Symposia will not cover conference registration and travel expense for any guests attending the luncheon.

Scholarship award recipients must notify WM Symposia of the names and number of guests attending the luncheon and WM Symposia will assign/reserve seats accordingly. Photographs of scholarship recipients will be taken immediately following the luncheon.

Scholarship applicants are invited to participate in the Student Poster Competition (please refer to the Student Poster Competition section in Student Guidelines). Only students not receiving a scholarship will be considered for the Student Poster Competition for a chance to win $500 (if they choose to participate).

Please note, if a student is selected as a Scholarship recipient, they are required to present a poster describing their work/research during the conference’s opening reception on Sunday evening, but will not be included in the Student Poster Competition on Monday. 

Business attire is appropriate for all aspects of the conference.

Scholarship Selection Criteria
The following criteria are used in evaluating scholarship applications: GPA, extracurricular activities, involvement in the industry, financial need, research activities, and letters of reference.

How to Apply for a Scholarship
1. Log-in using your existing User ID and password or create a new WMS account by visiting www.wmsym.org and click the “Log-in Here” button on the homepage. Retain your User ID and password once created.

2. Complete the online application.
 Please click on the ‘WM2022 Post Foundation Scholarship Application’ button on your profile homepage. You will be able to return to the application to update and edit as frequently as desired until you submit your application.

The deadline for submitting applications, including two (2) letters of reference, is November 1, 2021.

3. Ensure two (2) letters of reference are provided by November 1, 2021.
 After you complete the online application, please ask your two (2) references to email their letters of reference to selly@wmarizona.org by November 1, 2021. The reference form may be downloaded from the Roy G. Post Foundation website at www.roygpost.org, under the “Scholarship” tab.

This is the one and only application format and all other formats are null and void.


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