Shashank Shekhar Kumar
Amity University (India)

Shashank Shekhar Kumar is currently a student at Amity University doing his masters in Nuclear Science and Technology. This is his final year with current CGPA of 9.25. Shashank has been selected by Prof. Jerzy Szpunar at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada to do his masters project which he will be submitting as his master’s dissertation. He also worked as an intern for his summer project at ARIES in India which also holds the largest telescope in Asia. Mr. Kumar filed for a patent as “Effective Utilization of Sea Water by Employing Different Modes of Renewable Energy Power Generation Methods in the Process Of Desalinization”.

Mr. Kumar has great interest to work on nuclear field especially in handling the nuclear waste and promoting nuclear energy, so that the current world and the future generation sees a more better world. He would love to work with organization or companies working in this direction.

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