Ryan Morco
University of Western Ontario

Ryan Morco is a PhD candidate in Physical Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario. Ryan’s research is to assess the influence of gamma-radiation on used fuel container’s material particularly that of copper corrosion under the different deep geologic repository (DGR) conditions. He is developing a chemical kinetics model on the radiolysis of humid air, pure water and saline groundwater which are conditions anticipated in a nuclear waste DGR environments. These models predict radiolytic oxidants and their concentrations which are then tested for corrosivity and compared with a radiation exposure experiments.

Ryan earned his B.S. Chemistry from Cagayan State University and MSc. in Physical Chemistry from UWO where he studied the structure-property relationship of some phosphonium-based ionic liquids (IL) and the effects of gamma-radiation on IL/gas and IL/solid interaction. Prior to his postgraduate, he was a researcher at the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute working on nuclear analytical techniques applications.

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