Kathryn Mummah
University of Illinois

Katie is a senior undergraduate at the University of Illinois, majoring in Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering with a minor in Atmospheric Sciences. After earning her BS in May 2017, she will continue on to graduate school (location undecided) to earn her PhD in Nuclear Engineering. She plans to focus her graduate research in computational modeling of advanced reactors and the nuclear fuel cycle.

The curriculum at the Illinois has allowed Katie to take 3 courses with heavy waste management influence, like Radioactive Waste Management, Nuclear Power Economics & Fuel Management, and Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage in Bedrock. In the latter, she had the opportunity to visit Sweden and learn firsthand about Sweden’s spent fuel management. The combination of these courses has shaped Katie’s interest in nuclear waste and her decision to pursue a PhD. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to attend WM2017.

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