Frances Zengotita
Florida International University

Frances Zengotita is a recent graduate from Florida International University with a dual-degree in Chemistry (BS) and English (BA). She is a former Department of Energy Fellow, Nuclear Regulatory Commission Scholar, a Ronald E. McNair Fellow and American Chemical Society Scholar under the mentorship of Dr. Hilary Emerson and Dr. Ashleigh Sockwell. Her previous research focuses on laboratory experiments to update risk assessment models on the behavior of the actinide series elements under high ionic strength conditions relevant to the WIPP.  She has two peer-reviewed publications, including a publication in Chemosphere in which she is listed as the first author.  She completed three internships at national laboratories and has received more than 12 honors or awards, including the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Frances will pursue her Ph.D. in Chemistry and will further her activity in the nuclear profession.

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