Dimitris Killinger
Virginia Commonwealth University

Dimitris Killinger is a PhD student in the Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering Department at Virginia Commonwealth University. His current research focuses on advanced nuclear fuel cycles with an emphasis on speciation and complexation detection capabilities in molten salt reactors and electrorefiners using spectroelectrochemical techniques. Additionally, he investigates the purity and morphology of electrochemically separated uranium from varying conditions, such as applied overpotential and contaminants, in a molten salt environment. Previously, he was employed as a nuclear engineer at Norfolk Naval Shipyard where he supported nuclear submarine refueling and conversions in parallel with the construction of a prototype training reactor for NAVY submarine reactor operators. With his multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, he hopes that his research will support nuclear nonproliferation and medical radioisotope production research efforts in addition to advanced nuclear energy research. Dimitris is happily married to his wife, Sarah, with their two dogs, Beau and Minny.

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