Anibal Morales
Florida International University

Anibal Morales is a senior engineering student, pursuing a double Bachelor of Science in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering at Florida International University in Miami, FL. Anibal is a robotics enthusiast with plans to use robots in hazardous environments. He has been able to work on synthetic biology at Boston University, robotics for nuclear decommissioning at Argonne National Lab and FIU’s Applied Research Center, robotics for space exploration at NASA Kennedy Space Center, digital products for satellites at Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems, and now in-vehicle infotainment and connectivity of electrical hardware at the Ford Motor Company. Anibal also enjoys learning about new cultures and places, which he has been doing so by attending multiple international engineering programs in China, Iceland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and Japan. Anibal dreams of assisting the IAEA on the safe and peaceful uses of nuclear science. He enjoys hiking at the Everglades during his free time.

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