Sobhan Patnaik
University of South Carolina

Sobhan Patnaik is a final year PhD student in the Nuclear Engineering program within the Mechanical Engineering Department at University of South Carolina. His current research focuses on studying cracking behavior of uranium dioxide fuel pellets under transient temperature conditions. For that he has built an experimental set up that can use resistive heating to replicate the thermal conditions experienced by UO2 pellets under a variety of operating conditions in the reactor and to collect data using this apparatus for the validation of cracking models in fuel performance codes such as BISON. Previously, he interned at the Idaho National Laboratory where he supported designing shield plugs and storage casks for Hot Fuel Facility at Materials and Fuels Complex and was a certified DOE Radiological Worker as well. Sobhan is also semi-professional tennis player. He plays competitive tournaments in South Carolina and gives lessons to young kids. He is happily married to his wife Prarthna who is a dentist.



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